Inbal remote control system is designed for industrial fire protection systems where there is a need for a relatively simple reliable cost effective system. 

The system is used for water and foam applications

The Inbal remote control system includes:

  • Manually operated.
  • Hydraulically operated, remote control.
  • Pneumatically operated, remote control.
  • Electrically operated, remote control.
  • Pneu-Electrically operated, remote control.

The versatile design of the Inbal Valve control, enables additional functions, such as pressure reducing or pressure sustaining or to any other specific requirement type of remote control valve. Besides the types of remote control valves, there are many variations of Inbal Control Valves designed for specific functional and operational conditions associated with oil and gas storage tanks, process areas, aircraft hangars, and other applications.

The Inbal Automatic Water Control Valve used in the remote control system is a pressure operated, sleeve actuated, Axial Valve with the unique reliable N.M.M.P. (No Moving Mechanical Parts) design in which the only moving part when the Inbal Valve operates, is the reinforced sleeve which forms a drip-tight seal with the corrosion resistant core, preventing false operation due to transient surges in water supply pressure.