The Inbal Dry Pipe system is specifically designed for use in Fire Protection Systems with sprinkler systems installed in colder temperatures areas, filled with pressurized air or nitrogen instead of water to prevent frozen and burst sprinkler pipes, enabling to control and separate the flow of water to the dry pipe sprinkler system by providing a bubble tight seal as long as the Inbal Valve is in a set position, thus allowing low air pressure supply to control a higher water supply pressure.

The Inbal Automatic Water Control Valve used in the Dry Pipe sprinkler system is a pressure operated, sleeve actuated, Axial Valve with the unique reliable N.M.M.P. (No Moving Mechanical Parts) design in which the only moving part when the Inbal Valve operates, is the reinforced sleeve which forms a drip-tight seal with the corrosion resistant core, preventing false operation due to transient surges in water supply pressure.

The Dry pipe systems are used in environments where the temperature is maintained below 400F (40C) and it is impractical to keep temperature above freezing.