Inbal control Panel

The Inbal control Panel is designed specially to suit the Inbal Systems and is manufactured to the highest standard.

The Inbal control Panels are classified by two categories

  1. Standard design 
  2. Specific design as per project specifications


The Inbal control Panels configurations are available for

  1. Pneu-electric release
  2. Combination of pneu-electric release + wet control trim
  3. Wet control trim


The Inbal control Panels includes monitoring Instrumentation such as Pressure gauges, Pressure Switches and Pressure Transmitters and is supplied as a Frame Panel.

Inbal control Cabinet

The Inbal control Cabinet is designed for installing the Control Panel for operations in various environmental conditions.

The Inbal control Cabinet is available with heat tracing and/or fire safe and/or blast proof or standard design