The Inbal Preaction System is specifically designed for use in Fire Protection Systems with closed sprinklers piping system pressurized with air or gas, in which the water supply is held back by the Inbal Valve in set position and is equipped with an additional detection system which can be by pneumatic or by electric.
The Inbal Automatic Water Control Valve used in the Preaction sprinkler system is a pressure operated, sleeve actuated, Axial Valve with the unique reliable N.M.M.P. (No Moving Mechanical Parts) design in which the only moving part when the Inbal Valve operates, is the reinforced sleeve which forms a drip-tight seal with the corrosion resistant core, preventing false operation due to transient surges in water supply pressure.
Preaction systems are used where it is important to prevent an accidental discharge of water.
Inbal Preaction Systems are available in the following configurations:

  • Non-Interlock Type

The Inbal Non Interlock preaction Valve is actuated either when the the pressure drops in the sprinkler system or by the additional detection system. 

  • Single Interlock Type

The Inbal Single Interlock preaction Valve is actuated only by the additional detection system. In case of pressure drop in the sprinkler system, the low pressure alarm sounds off without actuating the Inbal preaction  Valve.

  • Double Interlock Type (Refrigerating area system)

The Inbal Double Interlock preaction Valve is actuated only when both the sprinkler system as well as the additional detection system is activated.