The Art of Perfect Control

INBAL VALVE by Mil Inbal Valves Ltd

Mil Inbal Valves Ltd – A Dynamic, Globally Renowned Producer of Advanced Control Valves and Systems.
Since 1971, Mil Inbal Valves Ltd has been a pioneer in developing, designing, manufacturing, and providing advanced automatic control valves and systems for a diverse range of industries worldwide.Driven by a commitment to reliability and innovation, the company undertook in-depth research and development.
This effort paid off in 1974 when Mil Inbal Valves Ltd revolutionised the control valve industry by introducing the world’s first N.M.M.P. (No Moving Mechanical Parts) control valve.


Mil Inbal Valves Ltd, with 50+ years of expertise, revolutionizes the control valve industry. Our unique valves provide exceptional reliability in extreme marine environments, including naval vessels, warships, and offshore platforms. From the Arctic Circle to the Middle East and Africa, our valves deliver durable performance. Trusted by leading industries, including offshore platforms, oil refining, oil and gas storage, petrochemicals, marine, aircraft hangars, and power generation markets, Mil Inbal Valves Ltd offers comprehensive control valves and innovative fire protection solutions.

valve applications

can be activated electrically, hydraulically, pneumatically or electro-pneumatically





Internationally Recognized & Certified

Inbal Valves hold accreditations from several international bodies including Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Bureau Veritas (BV), and are approved by Factory Mutual (FM), Lloyd’s Register (LR), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), as well as Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL).

Inbal Valves - Automatic Water Control Valve

Automatic Water Control Valve
Pressure operated, sleeve actuated, axial valve with the unique reliable N.M.M.P. (No Moving Mechanical Parts) design in which the only moving part when the Valve operates, is the reinforced sleeve which forms a drip-tight seal with the corrosion resistant core, preventing false operation due to transient surges in water supply pressure.

technical advantages

End Connections & Sizes

Sizes  – 1½” to 12″ 
Threaded Ends – 40 to 300 mm
Flanged Ends –
Grooved Ends –
Wafer Ends –
Pressure -rated to 300 psi (21 bar)


Core -Ductile Iron ends and Steel housing.
Coating – epoxy
Control trim – Stainless Steel and Brass.
plated – Nickel- Chrome

Optional materials

Optional materials
Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze,
Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze, and Titanium.
Optional coating – high built epoxy can be supplied.



With over 50 years of expertise , Mil Inbal Valves revolutionizes the control valve industry. Our unique valves and pilot systems provide exceptional equipment reliability in extreme conditions. Designed to withstand the harshest and corrosive marine environments, including naval vessels, warships, and offshore platforms, Inbal Valves deliver optimal performance and safety. From the Arctic Circle to the deserts of the Middle East and Africa, our valves have proven their durability and consistent performance in highly challenging and harsh maritime environments